Are you a Commercial Property Management company with apartment buildings and condos in San Diego with laundry facilities for your residents? CCC

Have coins to count? We can help!

We cater to Commercial Property Management companies in San Diego County and other firms with laundry facilities or vending machines for their guests, clients or residents.

We collect and count quarters from laundry facilities of commercial properties throughout San Diego. We serve San Diego Commercial Property Management companies by collecting, counting and transporting the coins from the laundry facilities of their apartment and condo properties.

On-Site Service

We offer on-site service at your location!
We will come to your facilities; gather the coins from your machines; transport, count and deposit them; and mail you a check so you can easily deposit your profits without any of the hassle!


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California Coin Counters, San Diego

California Coin Counters
P.O. Box 20876, El Cajon, CA 92021

Still counting coins the old way?

About Us

How California Coin Counters Started:

Still counting coins the old way?

California Coin Counters (CCC) was established in 1991 in El Cajon, CA to provide a unique service for property owners and property management corporations in San Diego -- a better solution to process coin generated from their laundry facilities.

Jack Fisher, owner/operator of CCC, was in the business of selling coin counting equipment and realized many of these San Diego property management companies were purchasing coin counters because this was the only way available to them to process all the coin generated from their laundry facilities!

CCC was developed to ease the burden posed on the owners and leasing offices from the task of being responsible for the coin generated from those washers and dryers and getting the money into the bank. CCC counts this coin for you, and your company only has to deposit the check!

CCC would be pleased to speak with you to explain our options available and fees associated.

Call for help today! = 619-535-1991